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Counter the guard pass with a Darce Choke

How To Get A D’Arce Choke As A Counter To A Guard Pass

Learn how to finish your opponent with a Darce choke in MMA or NoGi BJJ with this excellent counter to a guard pass from Jeff Glover

Explosive Push Ups For MMA Training

Learn 3 nice variations on standard push ups to help build your explosiveness in your MMA game and push your strength and conditioning work to a new level
Boxing tips, skills & drills on the heavy bag

Heavy Bag Boxing Basics – Tips, Drills & Skills

Maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend on the heavy bag with these boxing tips, skills and drills.
How to get a shoulder lock submission from north south

North/South No Gi Shoulder Lock Submission

Here BJJ Black Belt Carlos Vieira and UFC fighter Jake Matthews demonstrate how to perform a Shoulder Lock from a North/South starting position. This is a very nice No Gi submission option because the set up gives you several different submissions that you could potentially chain into including a Kimura and a Straight Arm Bar. […]
Josh Barnett's Chest Crush Choke

Josh Barnett’s Chest Crush Submission From Scarf Hold

One of our favourite fighters, Josh Barnett demonstrates how to perform the Chest Compression Submission that he used to finish Dean Lister at Metamoris.
How to do a suplex darce choke combination in MMA

Suplex From Front Headlock Into D’Arce Choke

Firas Zahabi from Tristar Gym demonstrates how to transition straight into a D’Arce choke when you take your opponent down from a Front Headlock Suplex. This is a nice MMA combination as the whole chain contains fairly high percentage moves. Here are the details that will help you learn this series of moves Establish a […]
Finish the low single leg takedown

How To Finish A Takedown When You’re Low On A Single Leg

A great wrestling technique that will help you complete a takedown when you're stuck in a low single leg position on your opponent
Half Guard Sweep for No Gi Grappling and MMA

Knee Shield to Deep Half Guard No Gi Sweep

Here’s a nice direction switch sweep that can be used in Mixed Martial Arts grappling situations as it starts from a fairly protected position and you don’t need to ‘hang out’ in the Deep Half Guard position and risk getting too many heavy strikes coming your way. Here are the key points to ensure you […]
MMA Bow & Arrow Choke Submission

Bow & Arrow Choke without the Gi for MMA

In this video the guys at thejiujitsupedia show a nice way of getting a NoGI version of a bow and arrow choke that transitions nicely from a failed Arm Triangle Choke. The key points are as follows Attempt to get the Arm Triangle Choke to force your opponent into blocking the submission – in this […]
Strike and Guard Pass With An Arm Trap

Under Body Arm Trap For Striking & Guard Passing

Learn how to control your opponent's arm to allow you to strike and pass the guard by trapping them at the wrist underneath their body
Double Leg Takedown Level Change Drill

MMA Takedown Drill – Better Level Changes For MMA

A great drill to improve your level changes for Double Leg Takedowns in MMA where you check that you're not over committing to the shot
Alan Jouban's Spin & Elbow Strike

Alan Jouban’s Elbow Finish At UFC 184

Learn how Alan Jouban used a fantastic spin and elbow strike from a loose collar tie to get the finish against Richard Walsh at UFC 184.
How to do Ronda Rousey's arm bar from UFC 184

Ronda Rousey’s Arm Bar Submission Finish On Cat Zingano At UFC 184

Learn Ronda Rousey's Excellent Arm Bar Submission Finish From UFC 184 Vs Cat Zingano
Spinning Elbow From An MMA Clinch

Spinning Back Elbow From MMA Clinch

Learn how to do a spinning back elbow strike from an MMA clinch. This unorthodox technique is very powerful and can really catch your opponent out.
Push & Pull Guard Pass For MMA

Push & Pull Guard Pass For MMA

Here's a quick tip for tricking your opponent into an easy guard pass in MMA using some misdirection and getting them to kick us off with the legs.
Conor McGregor Striking Analysis

Conor McGregor Striking Analysis – Mixing Up The Pace

Analysis of UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s ability to change the pace of his striking to catch his opponent’s off guard
Arm Drag to Darce Choke Submission

How To Get A Darce Choke From An Arm Drag With Keenan Cornelius

Keenan Cornelius teaches how to get a D'Arce Choke from an arm drag - learn the key elements to really tighten up your D'Arce Choke submission
MMA Single Leg

3 Unorthodox Ways To Defend A Single Leg In MMA

If you’re having trouble When you’re opponent captures a single leg on you and you’re looking for some inspirational ways to counter this wrestling move then here are 3 slightly unorthodox techniques that might just become your new favourite single leg escape! 1. Scissor Sweep Takedown First on the list is the scissor sweep take […]
Counter wrestling combinations

MMA Wrestling Defence, Combinations & Strategies With Firas Zahabi

Tri Star Head Coach Firas Zahabi demonstrates a series of counter wrestling moves and strategies that will help you turn your wrestling defence into offence
Lyoto Machida Liver Kick Analysis

UFC Fight Night : Machida Vs Dolloway Liver Kick Analysis

Analysis of Machida's liver kick on Dolloway that ended their UFC Fight Night fight to understand how you can defend and find openings for the liver kick.