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Block & Counter A Single Leg With A Shoulder Lock Takedown

An unorthodox method for blocking the single leg and then countering with your own take down by using a shoulder lock tie up on the arm
Scissor Sweep Take Down For MMA

Scissor Sweep Takedown Counter To Single Leg

Check out this unorthodox counter take down using a scissor sweep action to catch your opponent out when they are trying to hit a single leg takedown

Sprawl And Shoot Wrestling Drill

A great wrestling warm up drill where you need to quickly switch your defence to offence - react, sprawl and then shoot back in
Long range pummel to clinch

Pummel Into MMA Clinch From Striking Range

Learn how to close the distance for an underhook on an MMA clinch from striking range

How To Do A Sit Through Triangle Choke – Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover explains how to do some great Triangle Choke set ups where a sit through is used to get the submission in place
Rear Naked Choke to Inner Forearm Choke

Switching The Rear Naked Choke To Forearm Choke

Learn how to switch up your Rear Naked Choke to put extra pressure on the throat for a quick tap
Frankie Edgar Take Down

Learn Frankie Edgar’s Takedown From UFC Fight Night 57

Learn how Frankie Edgar combined his MMA wrestling to get a great take down off the cage against Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 57

Learn How To Get An Ankle Lock While Defending Your Back

Learn how to get an Ankle Lock / Calf Slicer submission when your opponent makes the mistake of crossing your ankles when he has your back.

Techniques, Tips & Tactics For Training MMA Ground & Pound

The term Ground and Pound (or GnP) is a phrase that was created in the early days of Mixed Martial Arts and it is used to describe the tactic of keeping your opponent pinned on the ground while doing damage with punches and strikes. With submission statistics showing that submissions are happening less and less […]
Heavy Bag Training - MMA Ground and Pound

Ground & Pound MMA Training On A Heavy Bag

Improve your MMA Ground & Pound striking skills on the heavy bag with these concepts and tips
footwork for exits after striking combos

Learn How To Exit Correctly After A striking Combo

Learn how to manage range with this boxing perspective on footwork strategies for getting in and out fast.
Striking with elbows from the guard

How To Ground & Pound With Elbows From The Guard

Learn how to throw ground & pound elbow strikes in MMA from your opponent's guard
Guillotine Choke to Double Leg Takedown

Guillotine Choke To Double Leg Takedown

Use a Guillotine Choke to set up a Double Leg Takedown

Triangle Choke Out Of The Top 5 – Kimura Takes Its Place!

The Triangle Choke could be out of the top 5 submission list for first time in 2014...

The All Time Best 5 Submissions In MMA / UFC

Check out our definitive list of the top 5 most successful submissions in the UFC over 20 years - if you're serious about MMA then you need to know this

Use A Forward Roll To Pass The Guard!

Learn a great way to pass the guard with a forward roll action to surprise your opponent
MMA Strength & Conditioning

MMA Conditioning – The MMA Bleep Test

Test your fitness levels with our twist on the classic bleep test
Hand speed test - paper punching

Duck Under to Back Arch Combination – Cary Kolat

A classic wrestling combination - duck under to a back arch suplex throw

Improve Your Kicking Under Pressure With The Puncher Vs Kicker Drill

Learn how to use your kicks to mount a proper offence against a hard punching opponent