MMA Drill – Grappling / Ground Control Practise On A Basketball

Here’s an unusual drill that’s designed to improve your ground / grappling control where you try and remain balanced on a basketball. Control when you’re in top positions like centre control (mount), side control or invert side control (scarf hold) on the ground in both MMA and BJJ depends largely on your ability to keep pressure on your opponent. In turn this means that you have to be continuously aware of your centre of gravity and adjust it as necessary.

In this drill you balance your upper body on a basketball and nothing other than your feet are allowed to be in contact with the ground. You then have to transition into different positions and strike while retaining your balance and position on the ball. In order to avoid slipping off the basketball you have to continually adjust your centre of gravity just as you would in a real grappling exchange.

This MMA training drill is fantastic for improving the responsiveness of your movement and control and it can be done on your own when you don’t have a training partner around.


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