Clinch Striking Practise On Punchbag – Head Pressure & Posture

Here’s a simple drill that you can do on the punch bag that will really help you to improve your striking and boxing at close range when you’re in the clinch in MMA.

As soon as you’re involved in any kind of clinch in combat sports then your posture is going to be a priority and there’s no more important part of that equation than the head position. If you look after your head position then you will automatically correct many of the potential issues with your posture. If your posture is sound then you’ll get many other benefits including better strength for striking, wrestling and takedowns and better defence against wrestling and takedowns.

In this MMA Drill you simply switch all of your focus and attention to keep the head in a position of strength. You constantly keep the head pressuring the bag while you go to work with your boxing skills and close range strikes.

Don’t look down, keep the eyes towards the bag, keep the hips out and the back concave, keep your stance strong.


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