Sprawl And Shoot Wrestling Drill

This is a great wrestling drill explained by Cary Kolat where you will improve your reaction speed, your basic sprawl, your single and double leg set ups and your ability to switch your defence to attack.

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The basics of this wrestling drill are as follows

  1. Your partner attempts to touch one of your legs like they’re setting up a single leg
  2. You react immediately by sprawling back to defend
  3. Your quickly change momentum from your sprawl and shoot forward to switch back to offence
  4. You set up a single or double leg on your partner
  5. Return to your standing wrestling stance and repeat

There are lots of ways that this drill could be extended to incorporate striking so that it becomes more MMA focussed – for example you might get your partner to throw light strikes before they tag the leg so that you can practise switching from striking defence to wrestling defence and/or you might add some striking after your single/double leg attempt.

See more of Cary Kolat’s wrestling videos at www.kolat.com


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