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Is The Triangle Choke Losing Its Grip?

Regardless of where you train MMA or BJJ one thing is for sure – within your first few months of training you’ll be shown how to do a Triangle Choke (Leg with Shoulder Suppression as we would call it in PRO MAI MMA). It’s such a fundamental technique that there are countless MMA and grappling […]

The Top 5 Best Submissions – Quality Over Quantity

In the world of MMA everyone naturally loves a fight to reach a conclusion that doesn’t require the judges input – that means a knockout or a submission. When you first start training in MMA it’s very easy to get addicted to submissions in particular because unlike knockouts it’s possible to regularly practise them safely […]

Miesha Tate’s gift to Ronda Rousey

If there was one thing I was really looking forward to with Strikeforce’s match up of Tate vs Rousey it was to see how Rousey dealt with her stand up skills and her chin being tested. I surmised that Miesha Tate would put every effort into controlling the distance and keeping the fight standing, maybe […]

How Carlos Condit Beat Nick Diaz at UFC 143

In PRO MAI MMA we talk about to very distinct approaches to the striking aspects of MMA, one we refer to as an ‘open’ style and one we refer to as a ‘closed’ style. In my opinion Nick Diaz’s style perfectly demonstrates how incredibly effective the open style can be. This article is not about […]