Triangle Choke Out Of The Top 5 – Kimura Takes Its Place!

With just 2 months left in 2014 something important has happened in the Top 5 Submissions list. The Kimura Submission has stolen the 5th place spot on the list of all time best submissions in the UFC and the Triangle Choke has slipped to 6th.

While the individual numbers aren’t huge (Kimura with 4 submissions and Triangle Choke with 3 submissions) the total volume of fights and submissions in the UFC to this point in 2014 are significant – there have been more than 400 fights and 70 submissions.

In comparison in 2013 there were 5 Triangle Chokes and only 2 Kimura’s, while in 2012 there were 3 Triangle Chokes and absolutely no Kimura’s. In fact, the Triangle Choke has never been outside of the top 5 submission list in the modern era of MMA (last 10 years).

Can the Triangle Choke make a comeback and retain its place in the Top 5 Submissions? Well with 8 scheduled events left in 2014 it’s certainly possible but given current trends it’s not looking good – 2014 could finally be the year where the Triangle Choke loses its place amongst the elite submissions…


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