Ground & Pound MMA Training On A Heavy Bag

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Learn the core concepts of how to effectively train your MMA Ground & Pound striking skills on the heavy bag.

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This video covers striking from mount, side control, knee on belly and guard with punches, knees and elbows plus tips on how to generate power while keeping disciplined and defensive when needed. Here are the key points:

  • Don’t be too tense when you’re striking – stay loose!
  • Utilise the elbow joint by rapidly opening and closing it when you’re hooking punches in
  • Focus on turning the main knuckles into the target rather than hitting with the whole of the hand
  • After the punch don’t leave your arm in a compromised position

Training ground striking on the heavy bag in this way should form part of your core MMA training routine and if you focus on your technique it can bring great benefits.

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