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Hand Speed Drill – Are You Fast Enough To Punch Through Paper?


In this fun little drill we test your hand speed by seeing whether you are fast enough to punch through a sheet of newspaper! In order to be successful you’ll need to connect with the sheet of paper at a very high velocity.

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Get your training partner to hold up a sheet of newspaper simply by pinching it between their fingers. Then choose a technique and attempt to deliver it with as much speed as you possibly can, the paper is obviously very light so using strength and weight won’t help in any way. The trick is to relax as much as possible prior to throwing the technique and remove all unnecessary tension. If you deliver your technique with enough speed you will be able to rip the paper.

Here are some tips:

  • If you want to punch fast you have to be relaxed not tense!
  • Try to connect with the paper at the fastest point of the punch – too much at the start or end of the movement and you won’t be at full speed
  • Use correct technique and utilise the whole body to achieve maximum velocity

You can test the speed of a whole range of different techniques with this drill, including all kinds of kicks and strikes.


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