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Heavy Bag Boxing Basics – Tips, Drills & Skills


In this striking video Jason Van Veldhuysen from Precision Striking takes us through a range of tips, drills and skills to improve the effectiveness of the time you spend working the heavy bag. The heavy bag is a fantastic piece of equipment to have access to but it’s important to maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend using it rather than just wandering around aimlessly and slugging away. If you’re an MMA practitioner you could of course add many more skills into your heavy bag routine but we’d also recommend that you spend a serious amount of time just working your hands so that you can really hone your boxing skills before blending all the other elements.

Here are the Key points as Jason Van Veldhuysen explains them


  1. Rhythmic footwork on the balls of your feet, better than a shuffle or straight leg walk
  2. Imagine the Bag is at the centre of a wheel, try to come in down a different angle each time
  3. Move out with both feet, or the back foot first. Don’t shuffle back with the front foot

Bag Work

  1. Drills — work the jab, right hand, left hook, punch-outs, continuous flow etc
  2. Work specific combos

Sparring and Fight Situations

  1. You attack and opponent counters
  2. Opponent attacks first, you fight from the outside
  3. You attack and opponent throws at the same time
  4. You attack and stay in the pocket, defending and working
  5. Double attack – you go in, then pop out, then go back in


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