Mark Hominick Vs Eddie Yagin at UFC 145 – Footwork Issues

At UFC 145 Eddie Yagin managed to take the judges decision over Mark Hominick. However, Mark Hominick is generally very technical and has very good movement and so in theory he shouldn’t have had that much difficulty with an opponent like Eddie Yagin who loves to stand and bang. The big issue for Mark Hominick was the direction he decided to circle with his footwork.

Eddie Yagin generally takes an orthodox, left foot forward stance, this means that he’ll be delivering a lot of powerful strikes off his right side. Because Mark Hominick chose to frequently circle to the left he ended up wandering into a lot of powerful strikes and quick combinations. If Hominick had employed a bit more movement to the right he might have been able to avoid some of the hard strikes from Eddie Yagin. If you’re fighting a powerful striker then you should look to avoid circling to the open side particularly while they’re fresh at the beginning of the fight.

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