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Learn To Do A Double Flying Knee!


In this MMA video you will learn how to successfully land the Flying Knee by using the opposite knee to fake an attack. On their own, Flying Knees can be incredibly effective but in this technique we are going to throw not one, but two. The main intention is to use the first knee as a fake technique that will distract your opponent and get them to react. When your opponent does react instead of following through with the first knee you drive the second knee in at a different angle. Not only does this mean the Flying Knee is more difficult to defend, it’s also more difficult to read and can be even more powerful.

If your opponent starts moving in or drops the head as you are setting up the technique then it may actually be the first ‘fake’ knee that connects. Of course this won’t matter to you as long as one of your knees connects. If your opponent really puts themselves in the wrong place then they may end up actually getting hit with both knees!

This is a fairly advanced, high risk MMA striking technique but get your timing correct and it can be devastating. Great for all striking disciplines that allow knee strikes including Muay Thai.


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