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MMA Footwork Drill – Leg Kick Attacks & Counter Movement


In this video we look at a great striking drill designed to improve your MMA footwork, discipline and leg kicks. In this drill both students can only attack with Round Kicks to the legs, no other strikes or targets are permitted. The only defence allowed is evasive footwork and movement, even checking the leg kicks is off limits.

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Throughout the footwork drill the students maintain their discipline through the eyes and the hand positions – they must not look down as they kick and they must not drop their guard even though they know no punches or head attacks will be coming.

Initially this seems like a drill where the emphasis is on the leg kicks but actually the greatest benefit is in teaching the students to improve their footwork and movement. They have to stay evasive and quickly move out of the way of attacks but they also have to stay close enough that they can quickly counter attack when they see opportunities.

This is a great drill for your MMA movement, footwork and distancing and it sharpens up your leg kicks as a bonus. It’s ideal for MMA, Kick Boxing or Muay Thai or any other combat sport that allows a range of striking attacks.


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