MMA Striking Combo – Backfist, Spinning Elbow, Spinning Back Kick

In this video PRO MAI MMA assistant coach Charlie Simmons demonstrates an unorthodox striking combination using an Outward Strike (Back fist), a Spinning High Back Strike (Spinning Back Elbow) and a Spinning Side Kick / Back Kick. The combination can be put together in a variety of ways depending on the distance your opponent takes and whether they give ground or hold ground. Because it starts with the Outward Strike (Backfist) it can begin from a very defensive hand placement and so it can really catch the opponent off guard and the unorthodox turn from one side to another means the strikes arrive from a variety of angles.

This is a really innovative and advanced triple striking combination that’s great for MMA or any other combat sport that allows a variety of attacks. Make it work and you’ll end up with a highlight reel knockout!

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