Bow & Arrow Choke without the Gi for MMA

In this video the guys at thejiujitsupedia show a nice way of getting a NoGI version of a bow and arrow choke that transitions nicely from a failed Arm Triangle Choke.

The key points are as follows

  1. Attempt to get the Arm Triangle Choke to force your opponent into blocking the submission – in this case by grabbing their leg to relieve the pressure
  2. As you start to lose the Arm Triangle Choke you slide your grip around to the side of the neck so that your fingers are interlocked and resting on one side to apply the first part of the pressure
  3. As you slide your hands around to the side of the neck you should sit back and step your legs over to the far side to lock your opponent into the position
  4. Finish the Choke by rotating the top hand into the front of the neck and throat while extending your legs and keeping hip pressure into their shoulder on the near side to keep the position tight and prevent your opponent from turning out

This is a great submission without the Gi that could easily be applied in a Mixed Martial Arts fight as it begins with a very common MMA submission and the finish doesn’t leave you open to strikes.

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