Learn How To Get A Calf Slicer Compression Submission From Back Control

In this MMA training video you will learn how to do a Calf Compression submission technique, sometimes also referred to as a Calf Crank, Slicer or Crusher. Here we look at getting the Calf Slicer from Back Control and Back Mount positions.

The key to this technique is getting the hook in on the near side and using this to give you a range of transition and submission options. Once the hook is in on the near side you can set up this submission relatively quickly, which is important as you need to get this leg submission locked in before your opponent gets a chance to defend and react. The near side hook also gives you plenty of other opportunities so the set up to the submission doesn’t commit you to this single move. If you get this submission correct it’s extremely painful for your opponent, particularly if they have tight calf muscles.

A great submission for BJJ, MMA or any other submission wrestling sport.


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