Learn To Switch To A Shin Choke/Gogoplata From An Arm Bar

In this video you’ll learn how to transition from a straight arm bar submission into a Shin Choke or Gogoplata submission.

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This submission move can really catch your opponent off guard if they’re careless with the way they defend the straight arm bar. The trigger here is when your opponent tries to sit up and escape and their head comes off the ground, if you can get your opponent to lift their head then you can feed your top shin into the neck and wrap your bottom foot around their head and use a tight scissor action to finish the choke.

Here are the key points:

  1. The Gogoplata is most available if your partner lifts their head to defend the Arm Bar
  2. To initiate the submission rotate your hips towards your opponent’s head and flare your knee in the same direction
  3. Once the shin is across the front of the neck for the choke quickly place the other leg behind your opponent’s head
  4. To finish the Gogoplata submission use a scissor action by pushing your bottom leg through the neck and pulling the opponent’s head into the choke with your top leg

This can be utilised in BJJ, Submission Wrestling or MMA.

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