MMA Fight Analysis – Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza’s Arm Triangle Choke On Bristol Marunde

In Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza’s win over Bristol Marunde at Strikeforce he used a simple yet effective set up to secure the Biceps with Shoulder Suppression / Arm Triangle Choke submission. Bristol Marunde was fairly flattened out and had Jacare riding his back in a side back control position. From here Ronaldo Souza was able to get effective punches up under the arm pit and force Marunde into making a move. The key as always is thinking ahead and being prepared, from this position Jacare looks for Bristol Marunde to turn back to face him to protect himself from the punches. When this happens there’s a good chance Bristol Marunde’s arm will be left in a vulnerable position by the side of his neck, and of course it was. When this happened Ronaldo Souza was able to pass the punching arm up onto the side of the neck and pin Marunde’s arm by placing his head on the back of the triceps. At this point if Marunde continues to turn back onto his back he rolls right into the Biceps with Shoulder Suppression / Arm Triangle Choke.

This is a great little set up that can be used in MMA and adapted to be used in BJJ.


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