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How To Do A Sit Through Triangle Choke – Jeff Glover


In this video the innovative BJJ practitioner Jeff Glover explains how to do some great Triangle Choke set ups where a sit through action is the key to getting the main choking leg wrapped into place.

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Glover explains how to begin practising the technique and then how to extend it into several other areas including as a counter submission to a mount reversal. The key points to this Triangle Choke Submission set up are as follows:

  1. The trigger for this move is when your opponent underhooks your arm in a kneeling or scrambling position
  2. Suspend your own weight on your opponent’s back with your arm and leg on the underhook side
  3. Push yourself up on your hand that is on the mat to prepare the sit through
  4. Sit through and immediately place your leg into the Triangle Choke position


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