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Suplex From Front Headlock Into D’Arce Choke


Firas Zahabi from Tristar Gym demonstrates how to transition straight into a D’Arce choke when you take your opponent down from a Front Headlock Suplex. This is a nice MMA combination as the whole chain contains fairly high percentage moves. Here are the details that will help you learn this series of moves

  1. Establish a Front Headlock on your opponent and ensure that you properly control their position, posture and counters by getting the correct grip and not allowing the elbows to flare out
  2. Drive the hips in and then level change them to the mat and pressure your opponent’s head in to their body to initiate the takedown
  3. Once your opponent is grounded ensure that you keep your own hips off the mats to keep the pressure established on them
  4. Re-position yourself so that you flip over to a face down position and offset yourself to the side with the arm that’s captured on top
  5. As you re-position yourself slide your arms through the neck so that the your forearm is on the side of the neck and ready to squeeze into the D’Arce Choke
  6. Finalise the submission by driving their shoulder on the top side down to the mat and your forearm on the bottom upwards while keeping pressure on their head

This combination could be utilised in most combat sports that allowed grappling exchanges, throws and submissions


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