Switching The Rear Naked Choke To Forearm Choke

Switching from a locked in Rear Naked Choke to a palm to palm grip when your opponent strips the hand as part of their defence is fairly common. What’s not always appreciated is that during the process you can switch from a blood choke on the sides of the neck to an Inner Forearm Choke on the throat and airway.

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Here are the key points to remember

  1. Switching to a palm to palm grip can be a great option when your opponent strips the hands out of their Rear Naked Choke position
  2. If you switch to a palm to palm grip then bury your supporting arm into the back of your opponents shoulder
  3. You can still finish with a Rear Naked Choke style blood choke or you can switch to a choke on the airway with the forearm
  4. When you switch to an Inner Forearm Choke you need to let the arm slip a bit and then drive the elbow back toward your opponents shoulder

The switch to putting the pressure on the throat can really increase the pain for your opponent so it can often lead to a quick tap out.


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