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The Korean Zombie’s D’Arce Choke At UFC On FUEL TV 3


At UFC on FUEL TV 3 The Korean Zombie pulled off a fantastic submission victory over Dustin Poirier with a Darce Choke from a scrambled front head lock position. The interesting technical detail here is how Chan Sung Jung concentrates the pressure on the back of the head to tighten up and lock in the choke rather than driving the chest down on the arm to put pressure on the side of the neck.

This is a great submission to hit from a scramble position or a sprawl position for MMA and BJJ.


  1. Hi Lee.

    Great Vid as always! really liked your last article on the leg and shoulder suppression loosing its supremecy this year in the professional circuit, and funny enough this is the one submission ive spent several months studying the theory, oh well, im sure it will still come in handy!!

    Miss training with you and look forward to august when i will be able to return!


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