MMA Take Down Set Up – Double Leg Takedown With Double Fake Striking Set Up

In this MMA training video you will learn how to set up a Double Leg Take Down with a fake shot and then strikes. Double Leg Takedowns are one of the most difficult techniques to achieve in terms of timing and disguise, by distracting your opponent with other techniques before shooting in you dramatically increase your chances of success. Setting up a Double Leg with strikes is absolutely commonplace in MMA but here we take the process one step further with a double bluff. You start by shooting in for the double leg and when your opponent drops their hands in order to defend (if your shot is good enough) you switch immediately upstairs to the head for strikes. This is a good tactic in itself and if you get good strikes in at this point you can just carry on striking. In this combination though the move back up for strikes is a second distraction and is designed to get your opponent once more to change their focus back up to a high defensive position. When this happens there’s a great chance to complete on the double leg.

This is a great takedown set up for MMA that will really keep your opponent off balance and off guard while you set up the double leg.



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  1. Very good strategy for getting the double.
    Thanks for a great website.
    Wish i lived in London, I’d definitately love to learn more.

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