Pummel Into MMA Clinch From Striking Range

Closing the distance from striking range to wrestling and clinch range is a fundamental skill in MMA but one that can be very difficult to achieve. In this video we learn how to pummel in for an underhook from long range by blocking on the forearm and then closing the distance to shoulder control using a ‘swimming’ action.

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The key points to remember on this technique are as follows

  1. Just block on the forearm, don’t try and push it out of the way
  2. Don’t stop closing the distance, regardless of how your opponent reacts
  3. You don’t need the forearm to remain in place for the move to work so continue the move whether they pull the arm out or leave it in place
  4. Use a quick ‘swim’ inside by pummelling for an underhook as soon as you make contact

This is a great way to take the fight from striking range to wrestling range with a simple but quick move.

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