Under Body Arm Trap For Striking & Guard Passing

In this video we look at a great groundwork technique for grappling and MMA that allows you to trap your opponent’s arm under their body and enables you to attack with ground & pound and guard passing.

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Here are the key points

  1. Control your opponent’s wrist and lock it down by the side of your opponent
  2. Don’t try and reach under the body to grab the arm and don’t try to pass your opponent’s arm under the body…
  3. …instead use a stacking motion to raise your opponent’s hips up and then move their hips toward their trapped arm
  4. Keep their arm fixed in place while you move their hips and then pass their arm to your opposite hand
  5. Keep their arm trapped by driving your weight back down onto it so that you can remove their defences on that side
  6. Attack with strikes on the compromised side and look for the guard pass

This technique can be used for both MMA and BJJ or other grappling arts.

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